Thursday, May 17, 2018

Itch to Stitch Nottingham - a Classic Knot Top Sewing Pattern

A big part of my wardrobe revolves around the word COMFORT. I love a comfortable knit top that can be sewn in about an hour and makes me feel put together. I am a stay at home mom and some days are filled with lots of sweaty work. I am up on my feet most of the day and really only sit down to nurse the baby, sew, or write a blog post. I have to be able to move and work in my clothes and not feel like they are touching me too much!

PDF Pattern Knot Top

My latest sewing project has been two knot tops with the breeziest of butterfly sleeves. I was so excited to get to test the Nottingham Top by Kennis Wong of Itch to Stitch. She is a wonderful pattern designer, and her patterns always go together very easily and have beautiful touches and finishing techniques. The last time I had the opportunity to blog about one of her patterns was the Lago tank a year ago. A lot has happened in that year, but here I am, taking pics again with my wonderful friend Aimee. I just love when we get to test a pattern and take photos together! She is a scientist by day so she is showing how dressed up her top can look for work. I think she looks fabulous and love that this pattern is so versatile for so many lifestyles. 

She always makes me laugh. Everyone needs to find a sewing BFF. 

This white top was made with a very lightweight and thin sweater knit with specks of silver throughout it. I found it on a remnant table at Wherehouse Fabrics in Dallas. I could not quite figure out what to make with it so it set on my shelf for quite some time. This pattern is designed for fabric with at least 75%, 4-way stretch. You want those soft, drapey, stretchy fabrics for this top. This fabric was exactly that, and I am so happy I had it in my stash. 

Knot Top Sewing Pattern

Sleeves. How have I never had a top with butterfly sleeves?!? I think it is now my new obsession. It is so airy and perfect for hot weather. The pattern also has the option of a long or elbow sleeve if butterfly sleeve is not your jam. I will definitely be making this top again in the fall with the long sleeve. The sleeve seam is offset from the body so you attach it in the round. There are lots of markings on the bodice and sleeve so everything matches up well. I have to admit that I missed this on my first top (the camo top), and somehow it all came out ok thanks to stretchy forgiving fabric.

The twisty knot. In addition to butterfly sleeves, I have not made a top with a knot in it yet! It is very on trend at the moment, and my 7 and 9 year old daughters have been telling me how cool I look with a knot in my shirt. So, I feel like I am winning! I just love the knot in this Nottingham. Haha.

You will want to use fabric that does not have an obvious wrong side for this pattern because the sleeves have such wonderful movement that sometimes the wrong side will show.

I try to not use my favorite fabric for the very first shirt that I make in testing so that I am not upset if I end up needing to scrap it. I had a bunch of camo rayon spandex that I also found on the remnant tables at Wherehouse fabric. I bought it to make something for my boys with, but I had enough of it that I thought it would make a good tester version of this pattern. I have to say, not only did the camo grow on me, but I LOVE IT. Maybe its just this pattern?

The neckline included in the pattern is a crew neck. After testing, my plan is to make another top with a lower scoop neckline for easier breastfeeding access. I love how forgiving this pattern is in the bust and hips. My bust measurements changes a lot during the day due to breastfeeding, and I did not have to worry about making fit adjustments for my bust to accommodate when I am fuller. The shirt also has enough ease that it is pretty easy to pull up to nurse in my tops that have the crew neckline. 

The Nottingham Top pattern is on sale for a week for $8. Grab your copy here. Also, bundle discounts apply when purchasing this pattern so you may want to grab any other Itch to Stitch patterns you have been eyeing too. 

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Disclosures: I received a copy of this pattern for free so that I could help test, proofread and assess fit before release. Also, this post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation when you purchase via my link. There is no cost to you.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own.

Photo Credit: My awesome friend, who is such a wonderful photographer, Aimee Wilson.


  1. Great post - love seeing the versatility of this top!!
    I want a sewing Buddy!!!

    1. Thank you! I hope you find a local sewing buddy! She is quite priceless.