Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Celebrating 6 months + Sewing Onesies with the Sofilantjes ADV Onesie PDF Sewing Pattern

Half a Year Has Flown By....

My youngest baby is six months old today! I have been feeling quite emotional as it feels like the days are marching by so quickly. She is rolling around, scooting all over the place, very opinionated, loves to play, and will flash you the sweetest smile when greeted. I just LOVE this age. You are their world, and they are so full of wonder. We are still going strong with breastfeeding, but now, she is so aware of the world around her that she needs a quiet place to concentrate on it. Her tear ducts have still not quite opened on one eye so she still needs her eye cleaned a lot. Her hair is starting to come in, but it is so light that she still looks bald. It is maybe 2 inches long at this point. She scrunches her nose to smile and even snorts when she laughs sometimes. She has the perfect amount of squish, and I can't help but squeeze her. This baby does not get put down very much!

She follows her siblings in her growth rate. She has a long torso that means she fits in a 12 month size for clothes for height, but still has the shoulders and width of a 6 month old. I was so happy that I recently got to make her three special onesies that fit her build very well. I was a tester for the new onesie pattern for Sofilantjes - the ADV Onesie.   

Pattern Review

Sizing: Let me start off with the most important part of this pattern to me. In addition to the usual chest, waist, and hip measurements, the ADV Onesie pattern has trunk length measurements. This means you measure the baby's torso with their diaper on and see exactly how much height they need for a perfect fit. Hannah measured perfectly in the 6 month size for her chest, waist, and height. Her trunk length was a little over the 12 month size. I printed the 6 and 12 month pattern pieces and measured the difference between the two (1.5 inches). I then cut out only the 6 month pattern and added 1.5 inches in height to the middle of the torso. 

Cloth Diaper Friendly: Since I measured Hannah's trunk length while she was wearing a cloth diaper, the onesie was plenty long to fit over her bigger bum. A nice surprise, though, was that the pattern also has a nice bum covering so that her diaper is fully covered in the back and not showing. Many onesies show a lot of her cloth diaper, but I love the coverage the ADV Onesie pattern offers.

Finishing: All edges are bound. The neckline closure has three snaps, and the diaper closure has three snaps. The pattern was intended for smaller metal snaps. I felt like the regular size Kam Snaps were a bit big for the binding size, so I took a smaller seam allowance and made the binding wider for my second and third onesies. I have lots of plastic Kam Snaps and did not have time to run out and buy the traditional metal snaps like on store-bought onesies. If you know you are using Kam Snaps, you could easily increase the width of your binding to accommodate your snaps. 

Fabric Choice: I used cotton lycra for all the onesies and binding. The pattern calls for any stretch knit fabric with a minimum of 30% stretch. You will need a fabric with good recovery for the bindings. 

That face! Sewing for babies is so fun!

I used a kid sized panel from Smoogie for the next onesie. I got 8 of these panels in a mystery box so she may end up with 1 of these in each size as she grows. Haha!

This post is going to be baby photo overload. #sorrynotsorry

This next onesie was made with this adorable fox fabric from Made Whimsy, and it's on sale! The Made Whimsy Medium Pink goes great with the foxes so I used it for the bindings. I love pink and purple on a baby girl, and this fabric is such a great weight.

Baby on a Quilt... 

I love how when she lays down on her back all her chins smoosh together! Oh, and look at all that great diaper coverage this pattern offers. She is wearing a pocket diaper that is stuffed with two inserts. Her butt is very padded, but this onesie has her covered!

The quilt in this photo is my own pattern - A Walk through the Garden. Yes, I still make quilts! I have a house full of quilts. I have three at different points in the process right now. Once the temperatures start to fall again, I may hunker down and finish one of them. Or, I may get inspired and start another. 

You can grab a copy of the ADV Onesie pdf pattern here

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Disclosures: I received a copy of this pattern for free as part of the testing process to give the designer feedback about the instructions and fit of the pattern. This post also may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation when you purchase via my link. There is no cost to you.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own.

Photo Credit: My sweet little 5 year old Luke took the photos of Hannah in the blue onesie with a floral print. My awesome friend Aimee Wilson. took the rest of the photos. 


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