Monday, September 3, 2018

Baby Fruit Bath Photos - Look Who is 8 Months Old!!

Look who is 8 months old today!! My youngest little one, Hannah, absolutely adores the water. Her favorite time of day is bath time, washing her hands, or washing her face. Anything that involves water makes her absolutely giddy. When we brought her in the pool this year, she squealed and kicked so hard!  

My friend Aimee had this wonderful idea to take photos of Hannah in a bucket filled with water and fruit. Knowing how Hannah felt about water, I thought this was a great idea! So, a few weeks ago, Aimee came over and got some absolutely beautiful shots of this little one. I spent yesterday evening trying to narrow down my favorites so I could have some printed to hang up at home, but it has been so hard to pick only a few!! 

I feel like Hannah has already changed so much even since these photos. During the session, she was having so much fun that she pulled up to the side of the bucket for the first time. She has since been crawling everywhere and pulling herself up to stand all over the house. She even climbed in one of the kids' chairs today!

She likes to growl too, especially when one of her brothers are coming too close for her liking. She isn't as interested in baby food as her siblings were, but she is definitely getting the hang of it and letting me know which ones are her favorites. 

Last month we had her tear duct opened at the pediatric optimologist. I was surprised at how easy the procedure was. Since the procedure (which was after these photos), she has no more goopiness in that eye, and it so no longer swelling from the blocked tear duct. YAY! Her eyes were still so blue and sweet in these photos, and I am so happy we caught these moments!

She loved all the floating objects to grab and taste!

The oranges were a bit sour for her liking though! Haha!

She loved it when she found a pretty flower and figured out how to stand on her own in the bucket!

The flower did not taste as good as she expected, though!

Those baby grins!!! Oh gosh! She just melts my heart. 


Hannah is my rainbow baby, and we plan for her to be our last child (we have 5!). I feel like my heart is constantly trying to capture and treasure each moment with her. I am so grateful to have her! I really felt devastated after having pregnancy losses before her, and I know she is God's gift to our family. She has brought us all so much JOY!!

Aimee's website can be found here.  You can also find her on Instagram here

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these photos Aimee!! They are an absolute treasure to me!! There were so many more that I loved so much!! Now, I need to narrow these down to decide which one goes on the wall!!

And, for laughs, here is an unedited blooper... She fell in for a brief second and when I quickly pulled her up, this is the face we got!! 

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