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Fabric Files: Made Whimsy Fall 2018 Backstage Pass Fabric Round

This weekend I got to play with some pretty fabric that Mandy Pickle of Made Whimsy Fabrics sent to me. She is opening a preorder that includes some musicians and hipster animals along with a beautiful brick coordinate. She sent me one of the fox panels in both the adult size and kid size along with a fat half of  bricks. All of the fabrics are printed on a silky soft cotton lycra that feels so nice. For today's blogpost, I will talk about this sweet girl that I get to call my daughter and will also review each of the patterns that I used for our tops. 

My Sweet Abigail

My oldest daughter is such a best friend to me. She has this spirit inside of her that I just click with and love to be around. She is probably the reason that I decided to homeschool. She is an extremely easy person to get along with, so smart, and a hard worker. She is the girl that challenges me with all of her questions and can run my entire house when I am not at home. She has to get onto me sometimes to come and give her the lesson she is working on and keeps me on my toes at all times. I feel like she is a gift to me that I never would have known to ask for, but I can't get over how grateful I am to have her. She will turn 10 this January, and I really don't know where the time has gone or why it seems to have past so quickly. She was not the easiest baby or toddler, but I am loving watching the person she is growing to become. 

She is often the girl behind the camera on my blog. She loves to spend her time on Craftsy and often googles recipes and greets me with cookies. She adores her baby sister and will hold and help with her. She also loves to play Barbies with her sister that is only 22 months younger than she is. Sometimes they fight, though, but they are working on their differences. Abby is usually also quite a night owl and will often come to the office and chat with me while I am sewing late at night.

Greenstyle Centerfield Raglan

She had gotten in trouble (with dad) right before this photo shoot and was pretty upset on the car ride there. I kept thinking about how in the world I was going to get photos with a crying girl! Ah, but once I held her for a little while, and we looked each other in the eyes, she was ok, and I think we got several good ones. She absolutely LOVED the top that I had made her, and she helped me pick out some of the details on it. She was really happy to get to model it!

The Vivax

The top that I made for her is the Vivax by Sofilantjes in tunic length. I made her two of the dresses with a round neck in testing at the beginning of the year (and blogged about them here), and I have wanted to make her one with the collar version and color blocked sleeves ever since. The pattern is so cute that I have had it in the back of my mind ever since testing. Thankfully, she is still the same size since then so I did not have to cut out any new pieces! Whew! 

The Vivax has these really cool pockets and is finished with a bottom band on both the dress and tunic versions. The sleeve has a short sleeve, 2 part 3/4 sleeve, or a 2 or 3 part long sleeve. The 3/4 and long sleeve have cuff options. 

I absolutely ADORE these bricks that Mandy has for pre-order. I need to order some more because I only have a small scrap left of my fat half after finishing her shirt. The coloring is fantastic and will work as a coordinate on many projects or maybe even as a top by itself for me. 

She looked away for a moment to catch her breath, and my heart just jumped. How am I going to handle the teenage years? I am already praying! I know God will help me just like he does now. 

My Greenstyle Centerfield Raglan 

I had spent a good deal of my sewing time over the weekend working on Abby's top so I needed a quick project to use my adult panel for myself. I wear a lot of fitted tees so I pulled out an old favorite of mine - the Greenstyle Centerfield raglan. Beth had posted her cowl neck and hoodie version in the Greenstyle Facebook group, and I just couldn't get the Centerfield out of my head. The last time that I made one was when I was pregnant (I blogged about modifying it for maternity here), so I was long overdue for another one

The Greenstyle Centerfield is a more fitted top. You pick your size based only on bust, and I made this one in my exact size (XS). If you want a more relaxed fit, definitely size up. If I make one for the fall (yes, I know it is supposed to be fall but it is still almost 90 here!), I will size up and add a cowl or hood with long sleeves.  

I used the lower neckline included on the pattern. There is also a higher neckline. I have never tried the higher neckline because I think this one is perfect on me. 

I think I am going to call this my foxy shirt. I can't get over how much I love this panel. I think it makes me feel like a cool mom. Hahaha! Usually, I am that mom who has forgotten half of what she needs, is a few minutes late, has chocolate on an awkward spot on her shirt, and has a kid who just ran through the sprinklers before we left or has thrown their shoes in the pool.  

  1. The Current Preorder for Made Whimsy is open now through October 23rd. My shirt was made with an adult panel. Abby's shirt is a size 10 tunic and was made with a kid's panel. You can find the listing for the fox panels here
  2. All of the solids that I used to coordinate on our shirts are Made Whimsy solids. She also has DREAMY solids that are the same base as her silky smooth custom prints and coordinate with all the colors in this round that can be preordered here with the musicians round as well. The black that she sent me is absolutely amazing to the touch.
  3. You can find the Sofilantjes Vivax pattern in English here. The pattern is also available in French and Dutch.
  4. The Greenstyle Centerfield Raglan can be purchased here. The add on pack for a cowl or hood can be found here. The plus sizes on the Centerfield Raglan can be purchased here

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