Friday, October 19, 2018

Sofilantjes Sylva Onesie PDF Pattern Review

A onesie is such a staple in every baby's wardrobe, and I got the chance over the past week to make my 9 month old two onesies to add to her wardrobe. I tested the Sylva onesie pattern by Sofilantjes and made her a short sleeved and long sleeved version. For today's post, I will be reviewing the pattern, giving some tips for fitting a tall and skinny baby, and then, talking all about my sweet little cruious girl who seems to be growing so fast. 

The Pattern

The Sylva Onesie covers sizes Newborn through 18 months and has an overlapping neckline that forms a beautiful V. The neckline is the same on the front and the back. The lapped style of neckline is easy to construct and allows you to get the onesie over the baby's head easily just like the traditional onesie does with the openings at the shoulders. I think having the lap in the front and back is much easier to sew because the cross over is on a straight seam. When I have made onesies with the cross over at the shoulder, I have always inadvertently needed to rip stitches! I think it is the curve and keeping all the edges lined up that make it harder on a shoulder than on the front/back. 

Fitting a Baby

My little one is 9 months old but is as active and can be and is tall and skinny for her age. Based on her measurements, I made a 6 month for her width, but her height put her in a 12 month. For my first onesie, I printed a straight 6 month and added the length needed by cutting a line straight through the front and back of the pattern and adding an inch. The fit was perfect once I got the onesie on her, but it was a little difficult to get over her head because her head size is not 6 months. The pattern comes with layers to make it easy to select your size. So, for the next onesie that I made her, I printed both the 6 month and 12 month size. I used all the 6 month lines for width and all the 12 month lines for height AND added 1 inch to both the font and back bodies as I had done before. This means I used the armhole and neckline for the 12 month size. The 6 month size was purely for the width of the body and the width of the front upper bodice pieces. This gave her more room in the armpit and more room in the neck and made getting her onesie on and off so much easier. It also means she will have a bit more growing room so she will get to wear the onesie for longer. 

She does not have very chubby arms, though, so her arms turned out a bit baggier than the intended pattern because I did not reduce the width of the arms to 6 months. Instead, I left them the same size as the armhole at 12 months. After trying it on her, I was happy with the growing room and left them on the baggy side. I did take out an inch of length in the arm on the long sleeved onesie so that it was not too long on her. 

I used a soft cotton lycra on both of her onesies and for her bindings. I love how well both of her onesies will coordinate with all the other clothes I have been making her. 

The Sylva Onesie pattern also has the same wonderful diaper coverage for a cloth diapered baby as the ADV Onesie. She is wearing a pocket-style cloth diaper that is stuffed with two inserts. Even with the bulk, her diaper is completely covered by this onesie. I love that the bands are over her upper thigh and do not show any of her diaper. 

Sofilantjes releases their patterns at a discounted price. I have learned after several releases that they never offer a sale as good as the release price. So, if you plan to get this onesie, do so now! The pattern can be found here. It will be on sale until Sunday night at midnight CET.

My Sweet Girl

Her chubby thighs. Her crinkled nose. Her fat fingers. Her two teeth. Her hair. This girl makes me so happy. She has the sweetest spirit. Already talks with her hands like her mama. Snorts and crinkles her nose and laughs. I adore her. She can put up a fight at naptime but is so happy to be cuddled with and nurse. She plays with her siblings so sweet. She squeals and pulls her brothers hair and wants to be kissed and talked to by her sisters. I feel like the baby days are racing by, and I just want to take it all in and cherish each moment. I did not have my blog when my other children were little so I regret that I don't have all the memories written down like I have been able to with her. 

I am so thankful to God for this sweet rainbow baby of mine who brings so much joy into my heart and into our home. 

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Disclosures: I received this pattern for free as part of the testing process to give the designer feedback about the instructions and fit of the pattern. This post also may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation when you purchase via my link. There is no cost to you, and it allows me to continue to tell you all about my latest favorite sewing finds.  

The hardest part of this post was picking which photos to use. Here are more that I just couldn't delete! She had so much fun crawling all over the place during our little photo session.