Friday, December 7, 2018

Christmas is Coming with Sugar Spice and Naughty and Nice Pajamas!!

I have always admired those family photos that I see with the whole family in pajamas. After finishing Christmas attire for myself and my girls a few weeks ago, my next major project was Christmas pajamas. I excitedly signed up to test the Patterns for Pirates newest Long John style pajama pattern, knowing it would be just perfect. After finishing my pair and the baby's pair, I offered to make my other kids pajamas as well, but they weren't overly thrilled. I knew they would oblige for photos, but I thought "why fake it!?" 

For today's blogpost, I am bringing you my dose of Christmas cheer, talking about how exciting I think pajamas can be for your love life, and reviewing the new Patterns for Pirates pajama pattern. I am also keeping it real and showing you the family nonpajama photo of kids who had just woken up and were probably wondering why mom was at the park taking photos in her PJs. 

Let's start with a pattern review. The Naughty Nice pajamas is a Women's Onesie pajama pattern that comes in short, 3/4 or long sleeves. For the legs, you can choose between cheeky, shorts, or long pants. I made long sleeve shorties for this version. There is a placket that can be unbuttoned to be a little naughty or you can button it up and call your pajamas nice. Even with it buttoned up, I felt pretty risqué in my pajamas. It is a very flattering deep V. 

The pajamas are fitted so you need fabric with great stretch and recovery that is not see through. I used a very nice weight cotton lycra yarn dyed stripes for this pair. 


I think that the sewing project was rather quick. I made an XS everywhere but did need to grade to a S just for my waist. I did not need to make any other adjustments to the pattern. I struggled with the bottom of the button placket because the front crotch curve ends at the bottom of the button placket. I found it a little difficult to get it on point and to look good with the obvious stripe pattern. There is a video for how to do it now that has since been included in the instructions of the pattern, so don't let that part intimidate you. 

My husband said he didn't notice any problems with my placket. There is also a seam on the back that I went slow on to hopefully match up all the stripes. 

I used the same cotton lycra for my daughter's pajamas. The youth version of the pattern is called the Sugar Spice and works for boys or girls. I made her the 12 month size and can't get over how adorable she looks in it. 

The main difference between the women's Naughty Nice pattern and kids 'Sugar Spice is the neckline. The youth has a higher neckline. Also, the kids' version does not have a cheeky option. Their pajamas are all nice. 

She was excited to tell us about the huge shiny balls on the Christmas tree!

Not only are my pajamas insanely comfortable, my hubby really loves them. I noticed he was wearing this really fun shirt while taking photos so I grabbed him to take a few! He wanted me to tell you that these are his favorite pajamas and to tell you that if you want pajamas that won't stay on very long, you should get these. We have been married for 12 years and still are so happy. If you want to buy me a Christmas present this year, my size is Saturday night babysitter.

So, how are these pajamas good for your love life? Well, they are not what I would call your mommas night gown. You will feel extra playful in them and not get as much sewing done. Haha!

Before cutting into my exciting Christmas fabric, I made a test pair for both of us. I used double brushed poly for mine and cotton lycra for my daughters test pairs. 

I used plastic kam snaps on this pair and much prefer the metal snaps I used on my Christmas pair. I really want to make this pattern again as a top (or bodysuit with crotch snaps). It is so easy to nurse in!

Christmas Cheer

We put our Christmas tree up this weekend. (NOT the one in these photos! haha!) Our Christmas tree this year is 4.5 feet because it needs to go up on top of a toy box where little hands can't touch it and pull it down. Half of our ornaments were broken from last year. Aaron loved throwing the balls and hearing them crash. I begged the kids not to put ornaments on the tree this year. They cried. LIKE real tears, my mom is horrible crying. So, I caved. We didn't make it an hour before Aaron had thrown the first one. I was in the kitchen and heard the loud sound of glass shattering. Sigh. The ornaments came back down. We can only handle lights again this year. 

We haven't done anything else to prepare for Christmas. I want to get the kids each something special (yes, I haven't started!), but I also want to emphasize the reason for the season and focus on giving to others. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to write down "gifts" that I want to give to Jesus as well as gifts I would like from him. I usually do something personal, like I want to spend time doing something more during the year that I know I need to do. It may even be just to spend more time resting so that I can hear his voice. Either way, I am looking forward to cozy fireplaces, the sweet aroma of baked goods and hot chocolate, the squeals of children as they open their gifts, and handquilting while I take it all in. 

While we were out taking photos of the pajamas, I grabbed a photo of my crew. A real, unplanned, come as you are and smile photo. I love this bunch and can't believe that I (who was told she would never have kids) have been so blessed with these smiling faces to love and serve every day!

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Disclosures: I received this pattern for free as part of the testing process to give the designer feedback about the instructions and fit of the pattern.


(1) The yarn-dyed cotton lycra stripes and the polka dot cotton lycra came from Made Whimsy
(2) The double brushed poly that I used for my test pair came from Wherehouse Fabrics Dallas. 
(3) You can find the pattern for the Women's Naughty Nice Pajamas HERE and the Kid's Sugar Spice HERE. You can also buy the bundle HERE.

Ok, here are all the sweet photos I just couldn't delete!

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