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Sofilantjes Eximia Sweater PDF Pattern Review - More Mommy and Me Sewing

I have noticed that I gravitate towards certain pattern companies. I have had way too many successes with their patterns that I secretly wait (and hope) that they come out with a certain style that I would love to add to my wardrobe. Sofilantjes is one of those. Her drafting is always so perfectly done that I know I can use my good fabric (even during testing) and enjoy what I am sewing!

I am so excited about today's post because this is exactly what happened. I have wanted a tulip style nursing top for some time, and Anne Jacobs (Sofilantjes' designer) drafted just that! The Eximia comes in women's and girls' and both patterns have 3 lengths included - the crop, the tunic, and the long version. The sleeves come in long or 3/4 length sleeves and are finished with a cuff. The pattern has a drop shoulder and is drafted for thicker more stable fabrics (like French terry, sweatshirt fleeces, etc.) with at least 30% stretch. 

This photo collage was not supposed to be a lesson in photography, but you can see how much lighting really effects a photo (and even the color of my hair and skin!) even after editing. The point of the collage, in fact, was to show you the different lengths on the same body. Since I was able to make all three lengths, maybe this will help you decide if you have a favorite or one that you know you would wear the most. 

I was able to make one cropped Eximia for my middle daughter. She was not interested in any length, but this one, and she begged me to let her wear it as a top (without an undershirt). Let's just say that I agreed to let her wear it with her unicorn hairbow instead. 

I love when one of my kids volunteers for me to sew something for them because it is a good excuse to take photos together! She seems to make the most appearances on my blog because she repeatedly says yes to testing calls. She thinks I buy too much pink, though, and has requested that I add more purple to my fabric stash. Thankfully, my friend Aimee just sent me home with some purple fabric the last time we got together. 

I think my favorite length of the three lengths on this pattern is the medium. It is just long enough that I don't have to wear a shirt underneath (if I don't want to), and I am still completely covered. If it is a windy day, though, I probably should wear an undershirt! 

This pink fabric is the rose pink French Terry from Knitpop. It is a great weight for this pattern. It is thick enough that I am warm enough to not need a jacket on most days and not too hot in most buildings. (I live in Texas so this may not be true for you!) 

The medium and long lengths come with POCKETS. I will forever love and wear a garment more just for the simple reason it has pockets. 

Sizing and adjustments. The sizing on the women's Eximia is based on your upper bust measurement. I made a size 34 in all three of my sweaters, but on the medium and long length sweaters that I made, I graded out to a 36 for my waist and hips. On the cropped length, I did not grade, and just made a straight 34. I made no height adjustments because my shortness is not in my torso. (I am 5'2" for reference.)

The cropped view is a great top length, but you have to realize that you will see the shirt/underlayer you are wearing underneath. So, use a fabric that will coordinate well with what you plan to wear as an underlayer (or you can always just show your belly button, if that is your look!)

I am wearing my top with my Greenstyle Chelsea pants from my last pregnancy (blogged about HERE). I need to (remake) these because I am no longer this size. I still really love these pants because this ponte feels so nice and I love the shape they have, but they really need to go in the "to-fix" bin because I keep having to pull them up! 

Last, but not least, is the long length. This one may be my second favorite because it will work so well with leggings and boots this winter and keep me warm. I used a really thick French terry on this one. 

When we are having milder weather during this winter and spring, I will probably wear this as a dress, but I will definitely need to wear some shorts or tights of some type just in case the wind catches it!

Thanks for reading today! Which version is YOUR favorite? I am wondering if my favorite will change as I notice myself gravitating to one more than the others! I am still not tired of making this pattern because right now I have a 4th planned, and I can't wait to show it to you once I have a chance to make it!

  1. The Eximia pattern for women can be found HERE
  2. The Eximia pattern for girls can be found HERE. Both patterns are also available in French and Dutch. 
  3. The fabric for the rose pink sweater is French terry from Knitpop. You can find it HERE.
  4. The fabric for the other two sweaters came from the Dallas Fabric District on Perth. One came from Steve at Super Textiles and the other from Wherehouse Dallas. 
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Disclosures: I received this pattern for free as part of the testing process to give the designer feedback about the instructions and fit of the pattern. This post also may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation when you purchase via my link. There is no cost to you.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own.

Photo Credit: My friend Aimee took the photos of my cropped sweater. My daughter Abigail took all the other photos. 

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