Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Ellie and Mac Sienna Dress + Year Around Ruffles

Today's post is full of baby rolls, grins, ruffles, rainbow shoes, pink, and all kinds of sweetness. I hope you enjoy all the cuteness that ensues today! It is also Wacky Wednesday! This is that crazy day of the week where Ellie and Mac marks a few patterns down to just $1. This week the Sienna Dress and Tunic is included in the sale, and I am so excited to show you the one I got to sew up for my baby. 

Let's start with a moment of truth. I am a tomboy who likes pink. I did not grow up with ruffles, make up, frilly dresses, or anything close to that. If you run into me around town, I am usually in athletic clothes because I just came from or am heading to the gym, or I am in jeans and a t shirt because its rest day. I really did not start wearing make up until well into my 30s, and I think this blog has been a really good thing for me because I own lipstick now. Haha! Pattern testing has STRETCHED me to try new things, and I have discovered that I can be comfortable and feel good in styles I would never have picked on my own. 

My poor oldest daughter got dressed in leggings and t shirts as a baby. I tried to put a bow in her hair, and when she refused, I gave up. As soon as my second daughter could talk, though, she let me know she needed dresses, bows, and anything frilly she could find. Then, I had two boys. They weren't nearly as fun to dress as my second daughter. So, after those two boys, God gave me this rainbow baby - Hannah, and she is getting all the frill I can put on her. She seems to like to put on dresses too because she smiles, poses, and squeals with delight while I run around her taking photos of her.

So, I made this adorable dress for my baby this weekend, and it just makes my heart so happy. I am so happy with how well it fits her too and how all the ruffles turned out! I had several moments in the process where I wondered if I was going too far with the ruffles, but I didn't even do all of the ones included in the pattern! If you have a princess as a daughter, you need to make her this dress. 

It is still winter in my part of the world, so I think the dress also looks great layered over the Greenstyle Creations Bella Bubble Sleeve Tee. The Bella is such a cute basic tee for girls with a bubble sleeve. I made her the 12-18 month size, and it fits her really well. This particular Bella Bubble Sleeve Tee will be on the Minerva Crafts blog on March 4th, so be on the lookout to see the whole tee! I will update with a link once it is posted. 

My daughter is 13.5 months, and I made her a size 12-18 months in the Sienna as well. Her chest, waist, and hips actually measured into the 6-12 month size and her height was 12-18, but I knew that I wanted to be able to layer the dress during the remaining cold months so I just made the straight size 12-18 months. I am glad I did because she needed that extra room to help it to be easier to take on and off. 

  1. The Ellie and Mac Sienna Dress Pattern can be found HERE.
  2. The Fabric I used for the Dress is Ailson Glass Book Plate in Lavender.
  3. The Greenstyle Bella Bubble Sleeve Pattern can be found HERE.
  4. The fabric I used for the T shirt Cotton and Steel from Minerva Crafts. I got the Orchid colorway.
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