Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Greenstyle One Button Cardigan + Buttonhole Woes + More Fit Capsule Planning

I made the coziest wrap cardigan!! I am in super planning mode as I plan for my Fit Capsule. (You can find the details of said plan and challenge HERE.) and one of the items I have been wanting to make is the Greenstyle One Button Cardigan. It is a wrap cardigan that is absolutely perfect for the weather where I live and is such a great layering piece to throw on over my tanks and leggings for before and after work outs.

I started this cardigan a few weeks ago in anticipation of sewing for my fit capsule. This one is my test version to get a better feel of the pattern before using fabric in my color scheme. Now, don't be fooled, this fall inspired, rust orangish UT looking-color IS NOT in my capsule plan and IS NOT a color I ever buy. I picked up this fleece in a local destash, and I HAD to have it! As my hands brushed by it, I all of the sudden no longer saw color. It felt softer than a kitten... so squishy, plush, and warm. My daughter begged me not to cut it but to let her use it as a blanket. It is some type of sweatshirt fleece. The fleece side is more like minky but just as easy to sew as any stable knit. I feel like I am wearing a blanket!

Even though I say it is not one of my normal colors, I was absolutely surprised at how many things in my wardrobe this went with. I grabbed my favorite yoga pants (that I blogged about HERE) to wear with it for photos, but ya'll, I was so excited to see how many outfits this cardigan went with! (Don't worry about my decision not to change serger thread, just pretend you don't see that!) 

Pattern Review 

The One Button Cardigan pattern has the option of a straight front or an angled front. I spent way too long trying to decide which one I wanted and really couldn't tell from the tester photos which view was which. So, I made the angled front, which is more apparent when I have it closed how the front angles to one side. I think I will make a straight front on my next one, just so I can have the two photos side by side. 

I made the regular length on the pattern. There also is a longer length included. 

I made a size XS/S, which is the smallest size in this pattern. The pattern fits bust sizes 33 to 49. The pattern is drafted for knits with at least 25% stretch. The fleece I used has about 75% horizontal stretch and no vertical stretch. It also is very structured and does not have the drape like the pattern recommends. I feel like the pattern has plenty of ease for those thicker cardigan weight fabrics that do not have a lot of stretch.

The pattern has optional patch pockets, which I have not added. I am already regretting that decision because pockets are a must for me.

I did not follow the pattern recommendation as to where to put the button. I put the buttonhole at the top corner of one of the front panels and put the button on the side of my collar. I wanted the fleece to feel like a scarf around my neck and to have the cardigan feel more closed in the front. I loved how this placement turned out. 

Can we talk about button holes? I interface, test on a scrap, take a deep breath.... and AHRGH... Get out the seam ripper, say a prayer. My machine hates the buttonhole to be near any thick parts of the garment. This is the lesson that I have learned from this cardigan: buttonholes BEFORE hems. My machine does so much better when it is not moving the fabric around with a bulky hem anywhere nearby to trip it up. I had wanted to have the buttonhole a little closer to the edge, but I had to move it farther in. It all worked out, but I had to work on it longer than I had planned. Am I the only one who feels this way about buttonholes?

This fabric is really thick for the open front view. My waterfall is not as "cascading" as the pattern intends, but I really love it anyways. I also did a mitered corner for my bottom hem and regretted that I did not for where the collar meets the front edge. Another lesson learned, and I am so glad that I made a muslin!

Look how cozy the back collar is!

The One Button Cardigan is on sale!! All of Greenstyle's athletic patterns are marked down 25% as part of the Greenstyle Fit Capsule Challenge. Join in the challenge in the Greenstyle Facebook Group. Don't forget to download your free planning worksheet in my planning blogpost

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Photo Credit: My sweet daughter, who instantly stole my cardigan once the photoshoot was over!


  1. I hadn't really noticed that pattern before, and really like the style. That colour suits you well, too, nice review, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! I will definitely be making more of this pattern!

  2. great post! Thank you for reminding us all about this great pattern. I think the collar is awesome!