Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Let's Sparkle and Shine! + Updated Greenstyle Lille + Inspires + Power Sports Bra

I knew I enjoyed sewing activewear, but since the fit capsule challenge started in the Greenstyle group, I have really dove in head first. I made a plan and have been crossing things off my list left and right! I am loving it! 

I ran into Joann's last week to buy some black fabric to go with my capsule plan, and low and behold shiny, sparkly, glittery greatness jumped into my cart and went home with me. I didn't find the black I was looking for, but I was just too excited to care. I immediately messaged some fellow Greenstyle admins to tell them of my find, and I am excited to see all the glitter that will now ensue.... 

Ok, back to what was supposed to be the main topic of this blogpost (we will get to the glitter pants and bra in a moment) - the Lille has been updated!! The Lille is the beloved racerback tank from Greenstyle that comes with a maxi option, a woven skirt option and two different neckline options. The pattern was updated to now include layers and the armscye was slightly lowered to give a little bit more room. 

I made this Lille using a cotton lycra from Art Gallery that was in the pile of fabrics set aside to be used for my capsule plan, and I am excited to report that this top goes with so many things in my capsule!! I think all the colors of ice cream flavors represents a different color of bottoms I have. Yay!! It also makes me laugh every time I look at this shirt because, well, ice cream. 

I used the optional shelf bra included in the pattern and made the lower neckline. I made the XXS for my bust and graded to XS for waist and hips. I also removed an inch at the lengthen/shorten line. I love the new fit. It is just a little roomier than the Jillian (blogged about here) but still a close enough fit that it is perfect for running and higher impact. The shelf bra also gives me a little extra compression to help everything stay put while running.

Now, let's talk about the shiny fabric!! Oh my gosh guys! It is nothing like anything I have in my closet and nothing like anything I knew I needed in my closet. The color is hard to capture but I think it is kind of a cross between mocha/brown and mauve. It is like a rose gold, but darker so that I don't look naked. The ombre runs selvage to selvage so I cut my pants on the cross grain. Remember this if you run out to purchase that you will need a little extra.  

This fabric is not very thick and feels very comfortable to wear. Granny panties will show through so you will need a No Show Thong (I blogged about those here), or if you aren't a thong kind of girl, just wear a tunic or longer backed shirt.

This foil print fabric makes an absolutely great bra. I used the Power Sports Bra pattern (blogged about here) and finally found cups that really work!! I have ordered several different kinds and none worked yet, so I took the advice of some of the other testers and ordered these on Amazon.

I lined the sports bra with the same fabric, but I faced the wrong side of the fabric towards my skin on the lining. I really didn't care for the foil facing towards my skin. It's not itchy and is a soft texture, but I knew no one would be seeing the inside. I used the keyhole racerback option and removed 1.75 inches from the strap length to get the perfect fit. I think this style is one of the quicker ones to make, but I still really love my strappy versions. 

For my tights, I used the Greenstyle Inspire tights. They have become my go to quick activewear tights pattern when I don't want a side seam. 

What do you think of the shiny fabric? Is it something you would wear? Do you have a hard time walking into a fabric store and not walking out with the new shiniest thing (literally!)?

I hope you are also enjoying the Greenstyle Fitness Capsule with me. It is not too late to join us
in the Greenstyle Facebook group. All activewear patterns are on sale (25% off!) through February 25, and the Fitness Capsule Challenge will end on March 11.

  1. The Lille tank pattern can be found HERE. If you already own the pattern, the update will be in your account. 
  2. The Inspire tights can be found HERE.
  3. The Power Sports bra pattern can be found HERE
  4. I bought cups from Amazon for my bra HERE. I also bought my clear elastic to stabilize the seams in my Sports Bra on Amazon HERE
  5. The Ice Cream Flavors FABRIC for my top can be found HERE
  6. The FABRIC that is shiny and foil printed is from Joann and is not listed on their site. It is labeled on my receipt as DNSP201 Toast Speckle 400163678496. Use your coupon; it is a little more than I normally spend on athletic fabric!
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