Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Greenstyle Studio to Street Top is Now a Hoodie

Greenstyle Inspire Tights Sewing Pattern

Just this week, I was telling you all about my favorite new top - the Greenstyle Studio to Street. I have been wearing all four versions that I blogged about here nonstop, and I am excited to tell you that I had to make another! This time, I used the hood add on and made the coziest cropped hoodie! For today's blogpost, I will be talking about this awesome hood add on, the two new pairs of Inspires I have added to my closet, and why I am wearing a hat! 

Greenstyle Creations Inspire Tights

Let's Add a Hood!

I have lots of raglan and set-in sleeve hoodies (and hoodie patterns), but I did not have the comfort of a dolman sleeved hoodie! I am so happy that Angelyn decided to add a hood option to the amazing dolman base of the Studio to Street top. There is something about the extra room in the body that screams comfort, but I love that I don't feel sloppy or like I borrowed my husbands clothes to achieve the cozy hoodie I wanted! I have a cute crop with fitted sleeves and yet the feeling of plain comfort. WINNING!

Greenstyle Creations Inspire Tights


I used a cotton spandex French terry for my hoodie. It has right at 50% stretch and works perfectly for this pattern. I used 3/8 inch grommets but think they were a bit bigger than I would prefer. When I make my next hood, I will use 1/4 inch. For my drawstring, I cut a long strip of fabric 1.5 inches wide by 55 inches long. I sewed the long ends right sides together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance and then used a safety pin to turn it right side out. 

I used the cropped hemline on the pattern and added 2 inches to it to get it to land where I wanted, which is right above the top of my tights. The tights I am wearing are the Inspire tights. I made my first pair recently and have enjoyed them so much that I went ahead and made two more!

More Inspires Please

On this version of the Inspires Tights, I wanted to do some colorblocking. I was inspired by someone who had posted their colorblocked Inspires in the Greenstyle Facebook group this week because I knew this would be a great scrap buster. My scrap bin has been overflowing, and everything needs to fit in the bin again!

For my version, I cut the inserts to be 4 inches finished. To do this, I added the extra to the top of the insert and then took away from the main pattern the amount I had added to the insert. It was a pretty quick modification, and I like how the colorblocking ended up on these tights. I have a lot of athletic scraps that I need to use up, and even though this is a really good scrap buster, I still have not made a dent into my scraps! 

I have been on a black/grey/white/pink kick lately. I must be gearing up for sewing Fit Capsules this month. I really look forward to Greenstyle's annual Fitness Capsule challenge because it really helps me to focus on making sure all my random makes go together and that I have a lot of athletic clothes that easily mix and match. I hate spending a ton of time trying to find coordinating tops/bottoms. My time is precious!

Grab Your Hat!

Yes, I am wearing a hoodie with a hat! I started wearing hats when I am doing any outside activities about 2 years ago after skin cancer (squamous cell) was found on one of my upper cheeks. I had to have Moh's Surgery to remove it, and it left a scar that reminds me to grab my hat and my sun screen when I am out. For the first year after the surgery, I tried to be very careful at keeping my face covered so that the scarring was very minimal. I am really happy with how everything healed but have tried to keep in the habit of wearing a hat. I don't usually wear one on my blog or for anything really quick, but if I go running outside, on a long walk with the kids, or to anything that is outdoors and more than a few minutes, I try to remember to grab it! So, today, it was cloudy and humid as could be, and my hair was absolutely not cooperating so instead of fussing with it, I thought I would keep it real and show you how people at the grocery store usually see me - in athleisure wearing a hat! Haha!

Sewing Colorblocked Athletic Leggings

  1. The pattern for the Studio to Street Top can be found HERE. It is on sale for release through tonight.
  2. The pattern for the Hood Add On for the Studio to Street Top can be found HERE. It is FREE but only for the next week. After that, it will be $2.
  3. The pattern for the Inspire Tights can be found HERE.
  4. The cotton spandex French terry came from Opulent Monsters. They renamed themselves Sewcery and have been destashing fabric randomly. They didn't have any listed the last I checked (and yes, I keep checking because this stuff is awesome!) This is their current Facebook group.
  5. The Fabric for my black/grey not color blocked tights came from Wherehouse Fabrics Dallas.
  6. The Fabric for my colorblocked tights came from my scrap bin!

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