Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The Greenstyle Muscle Up Tank - a Quick Sewing Pattern for my Husband and Myself!!

During the heat of the summer between my freshman and sophomore year in college, I joined my roommate and several friend's late one night for karaoke at a local bar. His girlfriend invited one of her coworkers to join as well. Little did I know ... but that night my life completely changed. That night, I met Mr. Aguilar. 

We seemed to not be able to do without each other and agreed about most things.... well, except vegetables and running. I convinced him that his disdain for vegetables had nothing to do with the vegetables themselves. Rather, he just didn't like how they were prepared. He gave the vegetables (and me!) a chance, and we have now been together almost 17 years (and married over 12). 

I can now report to you that I can get this man to eat almost any vegetable, except peas. We also have 5 kids together. I really like peas and still can't convince him on that one.

Now let's get to the exciting sewing related stuff that I want to talk to you about today! Greenstyle has released a tank top pattern that (as with all Greenstyle patterns) I am kind of obsessed with. The new Muscle Up Tank pattern works for both of us!! Let me say that again.. I used the same pattern for both of us!

Sizing. The Muscle Up Tank pattern covers chest sizes 27 inches up to 60 inches. I made the XS for me and made Mr. Aguilar the Large. I based both of our sizes off of our chest and waist and did not grade or adjust. I am not exceptionally full in the booty at the moment, so if you are, then you may want to grade out your hips. The pattern instructs for you to grade the hips out if your hip measures larger than your chest. Mine is 2 inches larger, but I still left it as is and did not grade. I LOVE the way mine fits. 

He is almost 6 foot tall, and I am barely 2 inches over 5 feet. I took 2 inches off at the hemline before hemming mine and added 1.5 inches to his.

Pattern Options. The pattern has the option of bands or binding to finish the arms and neckline. I used bands on the tanks I made. The pattern also has an optional pocket and hood. I made the hooded version because I just couldn't resist. The hood is a three-piece hood that is perfect for a nice contrast in the middle. It also made my stripe matching game not so hard. 

The armholes are low on me and really easy to breastfeed in. I just move the armhole to the side and have quick, fuss free nursing access. I am also wearing my go to nursing bra underneath - the Power Sports bra. It has the perfect fit on me for exercise and is still comfortable to lounge in or wear around all day. I haven't blogged about the one I am wearing in this photo but will soon!

The pattern includes a lengthen/shorten line in the chest so you can make your armscye as modest or immodest as you prefer. I noticed my husband's armholes land at a more modest location on him since he is more blessed in the height department than me. The second lengthen/shorten line is at the hem, which is what I used on my adjustments. 

I used a hacci sweater knit from Made Whimsy for my tank. Look at how those stripes lined up!! I had a one yard cut of this fabric and was excited to be able to get my tank and hood out of it!

I used a double brushed polyester cactus print from Knitpop on one of my husband's tanks. 

I used my favorite black cotton lycra from Made Whimsy on his other tank. 

  • The Muscle Up Tank Top Pattern can be found HERE. It is on sale for release through Sunday April 14th. 
  • The striped Hacci Sweater knit that I used for my tank is on sale at Made Whimsy for $5/yard.
  • The double brushed polyester cactus fabric that I used on one of Mr. Aguilar's tanks came from Knitpop.
  • The black cotton lycra on his other tank is from Made Whimsy
  • I have blogged about the Power Sports Bra pattern that I am wearing underneath my tank here and here.
  • My tights are the Greenstyle Stride tights in the budget Supplex from Zenith and Quasar. I have also blogged about that pattern here and here
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Disclosures: I received this pattern for free as part of the testing process to give the designer feedback about the instructions and fit of the pattern. This post also may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation when you purchase via my link. This does not cost you anything, and I appreciate the support. Any and all opinions expressed are still my own.

I think Mr. Aguilar had more fun skipping rocks than standing still for photos with me!

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