Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Camilla Top Pattern by 5 out of 4 Patterns - Easy Breastfeeding Top to Sew

Before my days of a handmade wardrobe, I had this tank I had purchased at Nordstrom with a super drapy cowl that was awesome for breastfeeding. The cowl was part of the fabric of the front and not added on like a neckband after-thought. I wore that top out and followed none of the social normal rules of trying to put variety in my closet. Well, it was pilled and had seen better days, so I had to finally let go of it with many tears. I looked for a top just like it, but never quite found one. It wasn't meant for breastfeeding, but it was my favorite breastfeeding piece in my wardrobe. AND it was pink.

I am part of this group on Facebook called the 52 Week Sewing Challenge. The challenge for this week was to sew a pattern that you had bought but never made. As I was browsing through my patterns I saw this top from 5 out of 4 that I had bought sometime last year while I was pregnant and thought that looks just like my favorite breastfeeding top! The top pattern is the Camilla and can be made as a tank or with sleeves and also comes in a tunic or dress. I made the sleeveless top version to recreate my most worn and loved tank.

Fabric: I used a double brushed polyester from Made Whimsy, which can be found here. I wanted a fabric that looked just as good on the wrong side so that I did not have to worry about how the cowl falls and a white underside showing through. This fabric is just as pretty on the inside as out. I also wanted fabric with a decent stretch for pulling down and that recovered well after being pulled down for marathon nursing sessions. This fabric was perfect. I did not need to hem or serge the top of the cowl either because this fabric doesn't curl or roll like a cotton lycra would. The fabric is not quite a pink, but not deep enough for me to consider red. I almost want to call it a dark mauve. What do you think? Do you think mauve rhymes with stove or sauve (like the shampoo)?

Pattern review: I made the Camilla in an XS, which seems to be the best fit for me in 5 out of 4 patterns and is what my measurements call for. I am 5'2" but made no alterations for height because my shortness is not in my torso. The back of the neck and the armholes are finished with a facing, which looked very clean and was easy to do. This is a pattern that you can sew in about an hour, which is nice for a mom of 5. I really like the depth of the cowl because it is not so deep that I have to wear an undershirt to keep from flashing the world when I bend over. It is also not too shallow that I can't pull down to nurse. I think this top is very simple but can easily be dressed up and make me look put together. I also love it for babywearing. Tops that pull down make babywearing much easier. 

My pants are my favorite comfort leggings (as opposed to compression workout leggings) - the Hey June Sloan Leggings.

The baby was very happy to oblige me to take a nursing shot. My garden is starting to bloom and I am so happy to see all the signs of Spring around me.

5 out 4 Patterns has a Facebook group, which can be found here. This group is just about to reach 20,000 members!! When we do, there will be a SALE. If we reach 20,000 members before Sunday, the sale will be 40% off!!! If not, the sale will be 20% off, so come join us and grab the Camilla pattern while you are there. It is a great top, even for those who are not pregnant or breastfeeding. 

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