Friday, March 2, 2018

Greenstyle Super G Tights

Athletic Leggings with Gusset Sewing Pattern
Leggings are such a staple. As a stay at home mom, I could live in leggings and joggers. Today, I am talking about leggings for working out, and let me tell you, the Super G Tights pattern that just released from Greenstyle is a pattern that you can't quite pass up.

After trying many leggings patterns, I have not quite found a pattern intended for movement - running, jumping, kicking, squatting ... You get the idea. The dynamic stuff. So, what had a not quite found? A gusset! Not just a small diamond shape at my crotch. I've tried those. I needed a gusset that went from one calf to the next. So, you can understand my excitement when I saw the design for the Super G Tights. They have a big, long gusset. I am super comfortable. And the amazing design means I can move!

The leggings come in 2 views - View A (no pockets) and View B (pockets). These are BIG pockets that keep my IPhone 6 in them. The pockets also have such a cool construction because they have no seam at the top of the pocket.

There are also 2 rises - a high rise and a lower midrise. I made 4 pairs of leggings during testing. The first pair shown is a midrise View B in Heavy Supplex from Zenith and Quasar. This stuff is heavenly and oh so soft. It has such a great weight to keep your leggings from being see-through and the right amount of compression to keep you in. This is a combination of their New Navy and New Rose colors. 

Super Gusset Leggings

You can't really see the awesome gusset when I use the same fabric for the main legs as the gusset; so, I had to make at least one pair with a contrasting gusset. On my next pair, I used more of the Zenith and Quasar New Rose Supplex and paired it with an athletic fabric from Made Whimsy. This pair is also the midrise View B. I love how you can use the contrast fabric to really show off the gusset. Look at that inside stripe. I should have done a cartwheel in the street to fully show it off. We may save that for Instagram stories. 

I'm wearing my Xpress tanks, blogged about here with all my leggings. I just love how simple it is to sew and how nicely it pairs with my tights. My Xpress tanks are so breezy so I stay nice and cool.  

Next up is probably my favorite pair. I just love the bright colors. These are View B in the 21 inch inseam length provided in the pattern. All of my other leggings have a 26 inch inseam. She also includes a 29 and 32 inch inseam for those of y'all with longer legs. 

The orange fabric is a thick supplex that my friend Aimee Wilson found at Golden D'ior in their sale section. What a find! It is squishy soft, compressive, and bright! The strawberry supplex that I paired with it was a remnant she had from Zenith and Quasar. I made these in the higher waist cut line provided in the pattern, and they feel so nice on my tummy and are really helping a girl out with looking trimmer. Thanks Angelyn for the awesome waistband!

My final pair is a View A (no pockets) in the higher rise. The fun looking fabric is a swim fabric from Wherehouse Fabrics in Dallas. This is where we talk about fabric choices.  Not all fabrics are created equal, obviously. They have different weights, feel, spandex contents, etc. The Super G Tights pattern calls for fabric with at least 75% four way stretch. This means your custom cotton lycra with right at 50% stretch is not going to cut it. You need the very stretchy stuff with awesome recovery. This swim fabric met the bill perfect, but there was one thing I did not factor in and that is how slippery it is, which means I feel compressed but not in a comforting way, and they just don't have the "I feel hugged by my pants" feeling. It is more of a "I feel assaulted by my pants" feeling. Don't get me wrong. I will still wear them loud and proud, but they just won't bring up the same emotions as my supplex pants. 

This fabric was perfect to use for my first pair. It helped me to know if I needed to make any adjustments. After this pair, I knew I needed to grade from an XS everywhere else to a S in the calf. My measurements are waist - 28, hips 36.5, thigh 19.5, and calf 14 inches. My calf is just a bit bigger than is comfortable in an XS. Also, having the pants too tight in the calf pulls them down towards my calf. I am glad I used inexpensive fabric to find this out.

You can grab a copy of the Super G Tights pattern here.

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Photo Credit: My wonderful friend, Aimee Wilson 

Ah, and let's not forget the outtakes of the three year old and me!

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