Friday, April 6, 2018

Greenstyle Pacific Pullover PDF Sewing Pattern Review

The Greenstyle team has been hard at work on their newest pattern, the Pacific PulloverI was excited to get to take part in the process as a tester. It seems like winter is not quite ready to leave so this pullover has been perfect for our cooler mornings and evenings. The Pacific Pullover features beautiful color blocking on the bodice and on the back sleeve. It has an optional hidden kangaroo pocket or a pocket on the side front color blocked piece. The sleeves can be long or made as a tank with a facing. The Pullover has an optional 1/4 zip that works with any 8 or 9 inch zippers and can be finished with a hood, a collar, or a neckband. The sleeves and bottom of the pullover can be hemmed or have cuffs. There are also directions for thumbhole cuffs. It works perfect with knit fabric that has at least 50% 4 way stretch. Whoo! That was a mouthful of options. Now, let's get into my three versions that were all made in the XS size.

The Collared Kale

The first version I want to show you was made with the final version of the Pacific Pullover pattern. This one is a collared pullover with a hidden Kangaroo pocket that has a place to feed my earbuds through. This will be perfect for working out or to just quickly pull on if I notice the weather is too cool in the morning. I used Fabric Fairy's DryFlex Poly Lycra in Kale, which can be found here, for the main part of the body. It feels like a heavier weight, super soft double brushed poly. On the accents, I used the Dri-Fit Midweight in Black, which can be found here. It is a bit cooler to the touch and is a good deep black. 

I used a 9 inch zipper on this pullover, and it was a much easier install than my first. My tips for an easy zipper install - (1) Don't skip the stay stitching. (2) Go slow, and (3) use your zipper foot.

Here is what it looks like all zipped up when it is extra chilly.

It is definitely running approved. 

I paired it with my Super Gs and have lots of pockets. You can't really have enough pockets.  

Little Red Riding Hood

My next jacket was made with an earlier testing version of the pattern that had more ease in the sleeves. She slimmed the sleeves up for the final one and added a little bit of length to the bodice, but I still really love the way this one came out and will be wearing it a lot. This one also has the hidden Kangaroo pocket and cuffs, just with a hood. 

For this pullover, I used this fun fabric I had bought at Joann's last year that was a soft poly based reversible knit. The right side of the fabric is red and feels brushed while the back is smooth and has black and white stripes. I bought it thinking it would be perfect for a hood so that the inside was just as pretty as the outside. This pattern was perfect to play with using the stripes to contrast the red. 

This one is also very much running approved. 

The Heavy Pullover Top

The last Pacific Pullover that I have to show you is using the neckband feature in the pattern without a zipper, collar, or hood. This is a very quick pullover to whip up when you are crunched on time or to make a quick muslin. On this one, I used Fabric Fairy Supplex in Cherry, which is thick and soft. This pullover feels thick and more like a sweater due to the fabric that I chose. I used the same black dri-fit on the accents that I used with my Kale Pullover. 

For the top version, I used the pocket that is featured in the side stripe. I put a pocket on each stripe so that I can have one for my phone and the other for keys. I was glad that the stripe was just wide enough for my I-Phone. 

You can grab your copy of the Pacific Pullover pattern here.

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Photo Credit: My sweet daughter, Abigail, took some of the photos and my awesome friend, Aimee Wilson, took the rest.

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