Monday, August 20, 2018

Bespoke Briefs Blog Tour - Sewing the Thread Faction Ladies Knickers

Welcome to the Bespoke Briefs Blog Tour!! I am your stop for Tuesday, and I am so excited to share the undies that I have been sewing recently with you. You can call them panties, undies, knickers, underwear, and so many other names, but my favorite term for them in this blogpost will be undies. I have been making my own undies for several years now and have used a pattern that I heavily modified for myself. I still felt like my pattern had a ways to go for perfection, so I quickly signed up when I saw the knickers blogger tour. I am excited to tell you that this pattern is a total win for me! 

Pattern #202 for Ladies Undies is a medium rise hipster pattern with the option of using FOE, picot elastic, or knit fabric bands to finish the legs and waist openings. The pattern comes in sizes XXS-XXL, which covers hip sizes 32.5 to 49.5 inches. I made a size XS. My hip measurement is 36, which put me at the top end of XS. I did not make any adjustments to the pattern. The instructions were very thorough. I believe a beginner who does not own a serger and does not normally sew with knit fabric could easily make these following the pattern. 

I quickly made 4 pairs of undies since these are perfect for scrap busting. I have to admit, though, that when I finished, the reality set in that I had AGREED to blog about panties. I have modeled panties once before and have modeled and blogged about several swimsuits so I assured myself I have the guts to do this. So, be kind. I am a mom of 5 (ranging from 7 months to 9 years), and I am willing to show you a underwear pattern that absolutely won my heart. 

The Thread Faction #202 panty pattern has the side seam towards the front. This means that the front color blocking comes out very pretty since you get a peak of the back at the front. The liner seams are completely enclosed and is very cleverly done. I made this pair with a knit waistband and think the rise is perfect on me. It is just high enough for comfort but low enough that it does not show on the back of my pants. 

I used picot elastic on the leg opening of all my panties. I also used it on the waist of the next pair of panties, and it was just as comfortable as the knit waistband. 

I love the coverage on these panties. They are the perfect compromise of comfort and sexy. The main issue that I have with undies is coverage in the area between the butt and the crotch. If that area is too narrow, I will have to pick wedgies all day long. However, this one has the perfect width for my comfort in that area without feeling like granny panties. 

I used a 3/4 inch soft plush elastic for this pair and a kid's panel that I found in my stash. It made me giggle to  use it for undies. The 3/4 inch plush elastic is much more firm than the knit bands, so if I use it again, I will add an inch or two for the waistband measurement for comfort. 

I normally only make undies out of cotton lycra, but a sweet friend of mine is always telling me that her favorite panties are made in athletic brushed poly. She sent me a scrap of butterflies, and I have to admit, these panties are very nice! 

  • The Thread Faction panty pattern can be purchased here
  • The 3/8 inch picot elastic for the leg openings came from Lace and Trims on Etsy. I love to buy their grab bags of 20 yards. They always come with very pretty colors and are soft and perfect for elastic. 
  • The 3/4 inch plush picot trim for the waistband on my "classic" panel panties came from Simply by Ti, and comes in a few other colors and can be found here
  • The solids and striped knit fabrics came from Made Whimsy.
  • The kitty cat fabric came from Dark Matter Fabric
  • The jellyfish fabric came from Jumping June Textiles.
  • The butterfly fabric came from Zenith and Quasar

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  2. Wow! Designs of these underwear's are pretty nice. You are looking good in these colorful and amazing knickers. I also believe that women should feel comfortable of what they are wearing whether it is bra, panties or jeans. And from all of your designed under wears I like butterfly print the most. I was also looking for sexy underwear that also looks pretty as yours. Thanks for sharing.