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Greenstyle Green Tee - A Free Tee Shirt PDF Pattern

Velvet T Shirt

I am a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl. When I first began sewing clothes, I wanted to make a basic t shirt that fit me well and tried so many patterns. I will never forget the "AHA" moment that I had when I figured out how to sew a neckband on. It definitely was not on my first t shirt! I still get that satisfied feeling when I pull a knit top off of my machine and see that the neckband lays flat. 

My current favorite knit T-shirt pattern that has a set in sleeve is the Greenstyle Green Tee. This simple short-sleeved top pattern comes with two neckline variations - a scoop neck or a V neck. I can just choose a fabric and give it the look I want. I can size up and get a slouchier tee or choose my size and get the perfect fit. The pattern is drafted to fit sizes XXS to 3X, and the best part about it all is that the pattern is FREE! 

Velvet T Shirt PDF Pattern

 I recently got the opportunity to sew a neckband on the Greenstyle Green Tee for the Fabric Wholesale Direct blog. You can see the video for the scoop neck t neckband here. You can see the video for the V neckband here. If you are a beginner, I suggest you start by tackling the scoop neck. Once you tackle that, do the V neck! Start with a more stable fabric until you understand the concept, then you can easily move onto fabrics that have more drape to them (but that may be a little slinky). When I am doing a V neck on a more uncooperative fabric, I will often use tissue paper to stabilize the V area (the kind used for stuffing in gift bags!). 

When I was trying to decide what fabric to use to demonstrate sewing the round neck of the Green Tee, I immediately was drawn to this dusty rose velvet. I was so pleased with the quality when it came in the mail and love the shirt that I made with it. I feel like it makes my basic T anything but basic. The fun part about velvet is that it is a different color from different angles, so if you plan to use velvet on a top, make sure that you cut all your pieces going in the same direction. It is easiest to tell by touching it. You are going "with the nap" if you are stroking the soft side and you are going "against the nap" if it feels rougher or more resistant to the touch. I cut mine going with the nap so that it is soft going from top to bottom. 

Velvet is also very slippery and smooth on the wrong side of the fabric so when sewing the neckband on, I had to be extra careful that I was catching all the layers together at once. 

Here is the V-neck version of the Green Tee. I have made this version several times in rayon spandex and poly blend knits. I chose a cotton lycra in burgundy for the video. This is a color that goes well in my wardrobe, and I like the weight of this fabric for demonstrating a V neck. I also love a good flattering V and use them to nurse in often. 

  1. The Green Tee pattern can be found here. Join the Greenstyle Facebook group. The coupon code to get the pattern for free is in the Announcement post of the group. It is also a great place to show off your tee when you finish or to ask questions if you get stuck along the way. 
  2. The dusty rose velvet fabric I used for my scoop neck came from here.
  3. The video to see me sew the scoop neck Green Tee is here.
  4. The video to see me sew the V neck Green Tee is here
  5. The burgundy cotton jersey fabric for my V neck t came from here

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