Friday, March 29, 2019

The Ellie and Mac Twist It Up Top + Cowl + More Inspire Tights

Soft, warm, chunky sweaters and comfortable leggings. They are like comfort food for clothes. Life has felt crazy lately, and when I step into my sewing space, I am drawn to happy, simple, and comforting makes. 

I made these leggings a few weeks ago, and even though I carefully tried to place the flowers right where I wanted them, I still made a mistake. 

Do you see the mistake? I cut them on the cross-grain so that the flowers started at my ankles, but I did not pay close enough attention and caught some of the selvage at the top of my backside.

It's ok, though, because I "fixed" it! :) My fix is....a matching sweater that covers my butt! I could fix it by taking off the waistband and taking some off the top of the back, and no one would ever know.... But I didn't and that's ok! I liked exactly where my waistband hit and didn't want to change the rise. I think it is freeing (at least for my perfectionist self) to say that a mistake is ok, especially since it is one that no one will see, and if they do, why should they care? They probably are more concerned about themselves than a selvage peeking through on the top of my pants! 

Enough about my pants... Let's talk about this sweater that I am feeling so cozy in. The sweater I made is the Ellie and Mac Twist It Up Top. I tested this top and fell in love with its big cowl and comfy dolman sleeve. I used a super soft brushed hacci and keep rubbing it against my face. It also has a short sleeve and tank option and a neckband option instead of a cowl. 

I really like how this knot is constructed. It looks more like a nicely tucked in shirt as opposed to a tied together knot. When I signed up to test the top, I actually thought the model had tucked her shirt in at the front and didn't realize it was a design element of the top until much later. 

Since I am short, I should shorten sleeves, but I purposefully left these long because I love pulling them over my hands. It makes them feel so cozy! 

Now, for my thoughts on this top pattern... It came together really easily. Everything matched up. I like that there are options to make it work for whatever season you are in. It is loose fitting on me so it makes a comfortable sweater if you use a sweater knit. If you want a top that is not so warm, use a lightweight bamboo or rayon. I think I would be disappointed in this top if I used a fabric that didn't drape nicely (like cotton lycra or an interlock).

Also, the top is more of a tunic length than top length, which was perfect for wearing over leggings (especially leggings you mess up on). The length also makes the knot land at a good spot on your torso. Knots that land at the fullest part of your stomach will make your tummy look bigger (and make you call it a tummy instead of a nicer name!). This one lands at a flattering spot.


1. My leggings are the Greenstyle Inspire Tights made with Brushed Polyester from Wanderlust
2. My top is the Ellie and Mac Twist It Up Top made with Brushed Hacci from LDG Textiles. This hacci is listed in their December album for maybe $3-4/yard. 

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Disclosures: I received this pattern for free as part of the testing process to give the designer feedback about the instructions and fit of the pattern. This post also may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation when you purchase via my link. There is no cost to you.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own.

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