Sunday, October 21, 2018

Greenstyle Green Tee Take Two

Exciting news! The FREE Greenstyle Green Tee pattern now has a long sleeve update! This means that I can now wear my favorite T shirt year around! We had our first cold spell of rain and 40 degree weather this past week so this update came at the perfect time for me. I can't wait to fill my closet with more of this wardrobe staple! 

The Pattern

The Green Tee is my favorite T shirt pattern that I blogged about here (and included video resources if you need help sewing one!) earlier in the  month. Since that blog post, the pattern has been updated to have the option of long sleeves! Nothing has changed in the bodice or fit. If you already have the pattern printed out, you will only need to print the long sleeve pattern piece to get a long sleeved top. 


I used double brushed polyester from So Sew English for this top. It is warm, soft and so comfortable. My husband could not stop petting my shirt and telling me how nice it felt. What a win! Did you notice that my shirt also has sewing machines all over it? Pink, purple, and sewing machines.... I think I have a new favorite top!

Be mindful of fabric requirements for long sleeves. Sometimes when I find fabric I like that is a bit more expensive, I just buy a yard. I normally can get a Green Tee out of a yard of fabric so I know that I can always make at least one tee or a tank out of a yard. However, when the colder months roll in, I have to remember to buy in larger quantities. I need at least a yard and a half of fabric to get a long sleeve shirt so I have to make a mental shift to start buying at least 2 yards. 

I think my next Green Tee needs to be in a sweater knit, which means I need to start buying more sweater knit!! (and yes, that is exciting, I love a good sweater knit and also love buying fabric!) Maybe you will beat me to it? If you do, post it in the Greenstyle Facebook group so that I can see! 

Size and Adjustments

I made my usual size of an XS on this top. I shortened the sleeves by 1.75 inches and did not make any adjustments to the body of the top. This is a normal adjustment for me. When I adjusted the sleeves, I took 1 inch out at the lengthen/shorten line on the pattern and then another .75 inches out in a random place that looked like the forearm so that I could divide my shortening more evenly along the pattern. I really like where the sleeve length ended up on me. 

I think the sleeves have the perfect amount of ease to be slimming on my arms, but they do not feel snug at all. I don't like overly tight sleeves, and I don't like baggy sleeves on a semi-fitted top. 

When I went to grab photos at my usual spot so that I could show off my new Green Tee, there just happened to be a Wine and Music Festival going on. There was a band that was pretty entertaining and lots of people having a great time.

I headed for the food trucks first, but they were closing up shop. I was so sad that I had missed the day of fun. I was able to visit a few vendors and grab the boys some honey sticks. I think it ended up being a great day, and I am marking my calendar so that I do not miss it next year! 

I hope you have a great weekend too and enjoy a fall festivity with your family. I also hope you get a chance to sew up a stack of Green Tees!

  1. The Fabric for my shirt is from So Sew English Fabrics.
  2. I blogged about the Green Tee here and gave video resources for help with sewing the neckbands on. Check it out if you are intimidated at all by neckbands. 
  3. Grab your pattern here and join the Greenstyle Facebook group to get the code to make the pattern FREE. The Long Sleeve Add On is also available for FREE here

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