Thursday, October 4, 2018

Greenstyle Stride TIghts for All the Girls - Get Ready for the Leggings Sew-Along

Stride tights are my new JAM. It all started when I made a pair for my baby. I couldn't just make one pair, so I made her 4. Then, my other 2 daughters begged for a pair. After I finished their pairs, I wanted a pair too! So, here we are all in our matching Stride tights!

I feel like I may be cheating a bit on my Super G tights. I have so many pairs of them that I just never paid that much attention to the Stride tights. BUT SHH.... I think the Strides are my new favorite!! 

Let's Sew Together

For today's post, I will be reviewing my thoughts on each pair of Stride tights that I made. Also, on Friday, October 5, Greenstyle is kicking off a leggings sew-a-long. I would love for you to join us and make leggings as pants, for lounging, for the gym, or for your kids, for the men in your life, for your friends.... The sew-a-long will be happening in the Greenstyle Facebook group and will include all of the Greenstyle leggings patterns - the Super Gs, the Inspires, the Women's and Girls Strides, the Mandex, the Lucy Leggings, and both the Women's Everyday Yoga Pants and Girl's Everyday Yoga Pants. Whew! The patterns are also all on sale (no code needed) starting today so that if you are a go-getter, you can get started early. The sale and sew-a-long will end on October 10. 

My Stride Tights

Let's start with talking about my first pair of Stride tights. This will not be my last pair. They fit SO good. I didn't even use the gusset, and I did not grade out for my normally larger calves. I love the way these feel. I used supplex from Zenith and Quasar and for the lower pocket I used mesh from my local fabric district. I was fabric shopping with my friend Aimee when she found this mesh and told me that I needed to buy it and make some Greenstyle leggings out of it. She was so right, and I am glad I listened to her!

The stride pockets aren't quite as big as the Super G pockets. I think my next pair needs to have the Super G pocket mashed into the Stride tights. 

Sizing: My hips put me in a Small and my waist was in between an XS and Small. I made a size small and graded the waist to an XS. I initially used the high rise waistband, but I took it off and used the midrise waistband instead because the high rise was too high. I normally make the high rise on the Super Gs, though. The Stride tights mid rise hits me exactly where the Super Gs high rise does. 

My Big Girl's Tights

I love how sweet my sweet 7 and 9 year old daughters are in their Stride Tights. I especially love that they were excited to have leggings that matched and wanted to wear them together! 

My 7 year old's hip measurement put her exactly in between a size 7 and 8, and her waist was a straight 7. I made her a size 8 and graded the waistband to a 7 at the top. I still think they aren't as tight as intended since she is not technically an 8 yet, but I am really happy with the size since kid's grow so fast. These will definitely last longer than a few months. I made her the mid rise option with the cross cuffs. 

For my 9 year old, her measurements put her exactly at a size 12 and her waist was exactly a size 10. I made her a size 12 and then graded the top of the waistband to a size 10. I used the high rise waistband on her with the cross cuffs. I did her cross cuffs a bit different. I cut a long strip of fabric that was 1.5 inches long, sewed it together like a tube, turned it right side out, and then cut it to the measurement that each section needs to be. I liked this method so much better even if it took a little bit longer. 

I used the athletic fabric from Simply by Ti for both of their pairs. It worked great, and the girl's loved the colors. 

The Baby's Strides

Hannah is 9 months and (thanks to the cloth diaper!) fits into the size 2T in the Girl's Stride Tights. Since her waist is not quite a 2T, I used a 5/8 inch seam allowance on her waistband. I used all cotton lycra on hers. I love that these will fit her all winter long, and then, they will fit again when she is out of diapers. These are seriously the best grow with me pants ever. They took the tiniest scraps that I normally would probably toss out.

I used the included gusset on all of Hannah's pairs of Strides. It really helps with the cloth diaper fullness and gives her such good range of motion when crawling all about. She is an active girl!

The first pair that I made was purple with my Little pony and a rainbow waistband. This was the pair that got my hooked.... 

Then, I made a brown and purple pair with some scraps. I just set an assembly line up and these came out so quick. 

I love getting to make "Mommy and Me" sets and think it is so sweet that I get to make clothes that fit all of my girls so well! I hope you join us in the sew-a-long and make yourself and someone you love a pair of leggings too! 

  1. The Women's Strides can be purchased here and the Girl's Strides can be purchased here. The bundle is discounted even more and can be purchased here.
  2. The Fabric for my Stride Tights was heavy supplex in black and new navy from Zenith and Quasar
  3. The candy pink and silver dritex fabric for my daughters tights came from Simply by Ti Fabric
  4. The pink, purple, mint, and brown cotton lycra solids on Hannah's strides all came from Made Whimsy Fabric. She is my favorite cotton lycra solids supplier. 
  5. The fabric on the contrast of Hannah's mint tights came from Made Whimsy
  6. The fabric on the contrast of Hannah's Pink Stride Tights came from Jumping June Textiles
  7. The Purple Arrows on the contrast of Hannah's Brown Stride Tights came from Jaded Threads

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Photo Credit goes to this sweet 6 year old, who took his job very seriously and was so happy to take our photos: 

Here are some outtakes! 

Tabitha did get upset with me at one point in the shoot because she thought that she should be the one holding the baby. 


  1. Well done on sewing all those tights, you are a beautiful family!

  2. Sharon I appreciate your blogs, your sewing, your honesty and your unashamed declaration of your love for Jesus Christ

    1. Thank you, Ingrid! I am so dependent on HIM to be able to do what I do!